Here are 3 Things you should know as we go into the 2020s

The reason LINLA has been around for almost 90 years is that it strives to change with the times and the needs of it’s members.
As we start the new decade it is time to once again consider; the state of our industry, the challenges facing our members, and the role LINLA will play. Our Constitution defines our role broadly so that LINLA may adapt to the changing needs of our members.

There are 3 Things you should know as we go into the 2020s -
The first change you’ll notice is our staffing. Starting January 1st, LINLA’s back office will be managed by Cultivated & Connected LLC. (aka. Carol Isles). Carol has been a staple of the association for 11 years and a member of the Industry for over 20. We will now have local representation by someone who knows the industry and the members well. 
Secondly, we have already started evaluating our existing programs. You may have noticed the absence of “Call for Entries” for the Design/Build awards and the Annual Meeting shifted to January. (Register Here). These are the first two programs that will get an update. 
  • The popular Design Award program is taking a hiatus. It will be expanded to acknowledge a wider field of work including smaller scale and emerging trends. And most importantly, we will take this year to cultivate broader exposure for the program and the entries in the media. It is essential that the public see the talent and skill of our members!
  • We are shifting our Annual Meeting date to align our fiscal year with the calendar year.
And thirdly, we need to hear from you! Next week you will receive an email asking you to participate in a survey. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. It will be used to inform future discussion and re-focus our efforts to bring the most benefit to your company. Feel free to share this survey with members of your staff. When it comes to input, the more the merrier!