Man/Woman of the Year Dinner Dance

                        2016 MAN OIF THE YEAR... MR. DAVID C. ALM


Criteria & Requirements

Have a candidate you'd like to nominate? Candidates must fulfill all the requirements below:

  1. A candidate shall have been active in some phase of horticulture, landscape or allied fields for at least 20 years.
  2. The candidate should meet one or more of the following qualifications:
    1. has made an outstanding and unselfish contribution to the nursery industry.
    2. an industry person who has conformed to the provisions outlined in (a) during his/her active career.
    3. a horticulturalist or scientist who though not active in the Association, has made an outstanding contribution to the technical field of horticulture
    4. a public official, writer, educator or philanthropist who has made an outstanding contribution to the nursery, horticulture or landscaping field
    5. has not previously been honored (please see list of past honorees below)





Contact the LINLA office at or call (516) 249-0545 to nominate a candidate.

Past Winners:

1965 Harry Ramp, John Visser
1966 Edwin Costich
1967 Adrian Pennevis
1968 Anna Feile
1969 Unknown
1970 Frank Bongiorno
1971 Francis Paterson
1972 Walter Scherer, Hermann Eberhard
1973 George Hren
1974 Charles R. Mouquin
1975 Peter Costich
1976 John Newhouse
1977 Case Van Abshoven
1978 Gordon Jones
1979 Adrian Ramp
1980 Unknown
1981 Joe Clark
1982 James Savarese
1983 Anthony Brand, Sr.
1984 Fritz Schaefer
1985 James Cross
1986 Bob Gannon
1987 Robert Rodler
1988 Tom Correll, Don Shelansky
1989 Baier Lustgarten
1990 Alfred Hicks
1991 Charles Scheer Jr.
1992 Robert Gettinger
1993 Vincent Marando
1994 Tony DiStefano
1995 Sigurd Feile
1996 Thomas Paterson
1997 Lloyd Rasweiler
1998 Louis Carraciolo, Sr.
1999 Leon Goldberg
2000 Donald Pollitt
2001 Ron Bracciante
2002 Vito Strippoli
2003 Mario Fischetti
2004 Russell Weiss
2005 Charlie Marder
2006 Russell Ireland Jr.
2007 Raymond Bell
2008 Dr. Gary Brown & Dwight Andrews
2009 Ellen Talmage & Brad Gettinger
2010 Vincent Simeone
2011 Otto & Norman Keil
2012: Pat and Patricia Voges
2013 Bob & the late Ed Friedl

2014 50th Anniversary of past Recipients

2015 Tom Rodler

2016 David C. Alm