CNLP Program

PROGRAM UPDATE  - Due to heavey weather we are re-scheduling the Plant ID part 1 & 2.

The CNLP sessions for tomorrow are rescheduled to Monday March 26th at Planting Fields. Be safe! 


 Interested in taking your career to the next level? 

The Certified Nursery & Landscape Professional Program, sponsored by the New York Nursery and Landscape Association, is an intensive, on-going educational program designed to increase the skills of garden and landscape employees.

The program was designed by members of the nursery and landscape industry with assistance from Cornell University. CNLPs are trained in a wide range of subjects, including plant pests and diseases, weeds and weed control, soils, fertilizer, pruning, and much more.

LINLA is pleased to offer Review Classes to prepare for the NYSNLA's Certified Nursery Landscape (CNLP) certification Exam.

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Region 1 - 2018 CNLP Review Classes:

Friday, February 23 - Long Island Welcome Center

9:00 AM - How Plants Function (Basic Botany) // Nick Menchyk   SUNY Farmingdale 

1:00 PM - Planting and Maintenance of Trees and Shrubs // Jonathan Lehrer SUNY Farmingdale

Monday, March 12 - Long Island Welcome Center

9:00 AM - Turf Maintenance & Pest // Tamson Yeh CCE Suffolk 

1:00 PM - Insects and Diseases on Ornamentals // Marge Daughtrey & Dan Gilrein CCE Suffolk 

Wednesday, March 21 - at Planting Fields Arboretum

9:00 AM - ID of Trees and Shrubs – Part 1 // Vinnie Simeone Planting Fields Arboretum 

1:00 PM - ID of Trees and Shrubs - Part 2 // Richard Weir Ill - Horticultural Solutions   

Tuesday, March 27 - Long Island Welcome Center

9:00 AM - NYS CNLP Exam

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