Chicks in Horticulture

Celebrate Being a Chick in Horticulture!

Being female within the horticulture industry has its own benefits and challenges. LINLA recognizes the contribution of women to the horticulture industry at the annual Chicks in Horticulture Brunch. Chicks (and roosters!) from all aspects of horticulture gather to hear a well-known female horticulturalist speak to the power of women in the green industry.


This year's speaker was Carol Reese    

2017 Chicks in Horticulture Brunch

This year's speaker was 
Carol Reese!

Carol Reese is UT's Ornamental Horticulture Specialist for West Tennessee.  She is a gardening columnist for the Jackson Sun and a contributor to several gardening magazines, including Fine Gardening and Horticulture.  Her speaking engagements take her all over the nation, but her favorite place to be is tromping local fields with her many dogs, and taking a personal interest in the doings of the birds and bees.  .