Chicks in Horticulture

Celebrate Being a Chick in Horticulture!

We are changing things up for this year's Chicks in Horticulture brunch. It is time to hear from a group of our local chicks in horticulture! 
We have created a panel of five young women from different sectors of the horticultural industry.
These industry professionals will speak on topics that concern women in horticulture, discuss the challenges that face our industry and tell their stories!
Please Come and Join the Conversation!

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Being female within the horticulture industry has its own benefits and challenges. LINLA recognizes the contribution of women to the horticulture industry at the annual Chicks in Horticulture Brunch. Chicks (and roosters!) from all aspects of horticulture gather to hear a well-known female horticulturalist speak to the power of women in the green industry.