Annual Meeting and Election

The 2017 LINLA Annual Membership Meeting and Election went smoothly. Everyone's hunger was satisfied by the St. Louis ribs, pulled pork and other great food provided by Mapletree BBQ of Riverhead and served ably and sociably by Vinnie.

Tony Caggiano and Melissa Daniels provided the specialty crafted beer (including my favorite the Octoberfest) and the meeting space in their fabulous new tasting room at: The Jamesport Farm Brewery.

Thanks Tony & Melissa.

Board member Neil Goldberg, of Goldber & Rodler, addressing the membership.

John Wernet, Supervising Forester for NYS DEC Region 1 was on hand to give us an update on the pests that continue to threaten L.I. trees. He spoke of the signs of infection, reporting procedures and containment measures involved with the control of Southern Pine Beetle, Oak Wilt, Asian Longhorn Beetle and the Emerald Ash Borer. For more info on Oak Wilt go to:

Nora J. Catlin, PhD, Agriculture Program Director and Floriculture Specialist also of Riverhead’s Cornell Cooperative Extension spoke about the results of her field trials with annuals. (LINK to her results on the way.) Her results are part of the National Trials Database. You can register for access at  National Plant Trials Database. (

Tamson Yeh, Pest Management and Turf Specialist from the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Riverhead reported on the results of her LINLA Grant.  In her inimitable style she spoke about her field research collecting Sap beetles. Part of her research involved the trials, errors, and successes in trap designs and placement all in the service of studying the possibility that these beetles are a vector for Oak wilt. For more information about Tamson’s work she can be contacted at

 Board President Carol Isles re-elected for a second term.


Dedicated Treasurer Dwight Andrews relating the positive news regarding LINLA's financial position.

John Gaylardo & Carol Isles
Long Island Nursery & Landscape Association