LINLA is Your Voice for Many Legislative Issues Facing the Green Industry.

Roundtable - Nitrogen Reduction Legislation

Tuesday May 29th, 10:00am

Little Theater, SUNY Farmingdale, Roosevelt Hall, Farmingdale,

Here is our Call to Action!
If you want to be part of the solution to the Nitrogen issue and influence the way that effects our industry - please make time to attend this Roundtable.
Senators Kemp Hannon and Thomas O'Mara are hosting this roundtable to consider state legislation which would limit the sale and use of nitrogen fertilizer on Long Island. Agriculture is exempt, but everything else in considered.
We as an industry must bring our years of experience and science based common sense to the table. Then we can help form a plan that works towards the goal of clean water and a healthy environment without eliminating the tools we need do our jobs and satisfy our customers.
The supporters of this legislation will be out in force, we must be present in BIG Numbers to balance the conversation.


Issues including labor issues such as H2B and the ongoing invasive species discussion. LINLA works in conjunction with a number of other organizations, most notably the Long Island Farm Bureau, to be sure local and State legislators are fully informed on all these issues.